Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sinkin’ Soon

As I was returning from the laundromat yesterday, the sky darkened as dozens of lightning bolts began chasing each other along the southern horizon. A few hours earlier I had stopped by at a Barnes & Noble and bought Norah Jones new jazz-album "Not too late".

Her song "Sinkin’ Soon" made the picture perfect. It is an instant favourite with an almost Tom Waits-like sound. By the time Norah and I got home, a torrential rain had broken out. I took shelter inside and wrote something important.

Then, afterwards, as I was driving down to the arts building to save Nilla from the rain, a lightning struck just fifty metres away from the Mustang, creating a shockwave which made the whole car shiver!

And this morning, I was able to witness the destruction first hand:


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