Friday, July 06, 2007


Climbing towards 33 000 feet, I scribble this blog post into a black ruled Moleskine, "the legendary notebook used by European artist and thinkers for the past two centuries" as the highly brand-conscious company asserts. Hardly surprising, Ernest Hemingway is mentioned. But the notebook did come to good use during the conference, remembering me of, among other things, the apple orchard in Grantchester.

This summer though, the English July weather has left a lot to wish for. In combination with failing logistics I can simply say that I have been very cold. And hearing about flooding in south Sweden did not really inspire me to rush for my Copenhagen flight either. So, instead, I am now taking advantage of those dirty cheap £9 + taxes LH-tickets to make a short rotation via Vienna before heading north again.

Café Einstein. Time to reflect about the impressions from the conference and Oxford. While doing so I am happy to report that, together with a German philosopher, I have been appointed to edit an electronic book consisting of all the conference papers. Will be great fun methinks.

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