Sunday, May 06, 2007

Exquisite sherry, I say!

Whenever you make a long journey, maybe across several time zones, you start to create an image of what your destination will look like, once you finally get there. In my case, I had this vision of a hotel bar, strikingly similar to Park Hyatt Tokyo (as seen in the movie “Lost in Translation”), in which Marcel and I could sit and sip some Laphroaig, talk about Karl Popper and enjoy breathtaking views of the Finish capital.

When boarding in Copenhagen I was lucky enough to score an upgrade to C. Naturally this intensified my sense of international flair. Landing at HEL, taking the public bus to this worn-down “youth hostel” did not. Definitely no washi paper lanterns overlooking a glittering sea of city lights below. Only a sad coffee machine.

But hey, I am here to do research, right? And if I am able to defeat the jet lag monster, I plan to wake up early tomorrow morning and go running, one of my favourite ways of discovering a new city.



Blogger Gabriel said...

Don't you dare say nothin' negative about youth hostels...

12:17 am  

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