Friday, April 27, 2007

Fade to grey

A well read bible. Down here in the south I cannot think of any other thick black book which would be as full of small stickers, colour underlining and dog-ears.

So many things here in Texas appear to be so simple. “Giving is celebrating others” I read on a sign. So much charity, still so many poor. (and how come that social democrats are the ones who are accused of being paternalistic?)

So many churches, still so much crime.

So many moral preachers, still so much immorality.

So many regulations, still so much the land of the free.

Or is it just that people here live out the extremes a lot more than we do in Sweden? They cherish life (especially the unborn) yet they execute their sons and daughters. They pray for world peace, yet they develop new nuclear weapons.

And who am I to sermonize? I just sit here with another non-fat grande latte, reading New York Times and thinking how multifaceted and ambiguous everything is.


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