Monday, April 23, 2007

Off the map

This is the second post written on Rawls & Me over the Atlantic, cruising at 36 000 feet over the outermost parts of the North-American continent. Right now, Nilla and I have been flying west for almost six hours.

Today SK served meatballs with mashed potatoes. Eating meatballs outside Sweden reminds me of Saturdays at IKEA Vösendorf when thousands of Viennese families go there as “Nordistik” pilgrims to eat from the 5 euro “eat as many meatballs as you want buffet”.


SK’s in-flight entertainment system now features a selection of “old goodies”, maybe to satisfy those passengers who (through extensive travelling or simply bad taste) otherwise would have had to endure “Casino Royale” for the umpteenth consecutive time. On our flight, this list of classic movies consists of “Shakespeare in love”, “As good as it gets” and “The Truman Show”. Spent an hour watching Jim Carrey in the latter. Recalling my last blog post on Tennyson, I would say that the final scene, in which Truman sails into the fake horizon, somehow takes on a new meaning. Or something.



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