Thursday, April 30, 2020


Apparently the government is talking about food rationing as the Covid-19 epidemic continues to wreak havoc with global supply chains. Contrary to conventional thinking, the solution should not be protectionism and “reshoring” but rather to do everything we possibly can to keep global markets open. System shocks are always more likely to occur at the local level and international trade acts as a safety net as Breakthrough's Food and Agriculture Analyst Caroline Grunewald pointed out in a piece the other week.

With coffee being mentioned as one of the things that may have to be rationed in Sweden, I acted as a true selfish hoarder and immediately ordered six boxes of illy. I guess I should head down to Systembolaget and do the same for our house wine so that we have reserves for the summer. Tonight however, I went not with the sauvignon blanc but the Latitude chardonnay.


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