Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Flexible hours

One of the best, but also worst, things with life in Academia is the extreme flexibility in terms of working hours. With two kids waking up super early, I appreciate being able to work odd hours and taking time off when the sun is shining like today. With some bad news that I needed to digest, I decided to go for a longer run to the gym and then home via Mariedal for a total of 23 kilometres.

Once home, I am making the last preparations for tomorrow’s seminar and also reading a bit in my Pale Rider book. Sometimes history, in this case in Brazil, does seem to repeat itself:

‘On 12 October 1918, the day when the flu spread through the elegant guests at the Club dos Diários, the satirical magazine Careta expressed a fear that the authorities would exaggerate the danger posed by this mere limpa-velhos – killer of old people – to justify imposing a “scientific dictatorship” and violate people’s civil rights […] by the end of the October, when half a million cariocas – more than half of the population – were sick, there were still those among Rio’s opinion-makers who doubted the disease was a flu’.



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