Wednesday, April 22, 2020

On trend

While the European postal system may have been nothing but a shadow of what it was a hundred years ago even before the epidemic started, the end of commercial aviation has clearly not helped. But I guess a few mail flights are still flying because today, only six days after I received the April issue, I received the May issue of Monocle. Suddenly on trend, it is all about “home” but also with a lot of positive energy and hope about the future.

Still, for now, there are more ominous news as the World Food Programme warns that hundreds of millions will be pushed into starvation as the global economy breaks down. Unless radical action is taken, the cure may literally turn out to be worse than the disease, showing once again that the lives of rich people are valued infinitely higher than the lives of the global poor. Yet, just as many people before the crisis made a fetish out of “buying local” with little regard for the bigger picture, the lack of interest among Western elites is perhaps not that surprising. 


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