Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Following Sunday’s marathon, I only went for a few easy recovery kilometres yesterday but today the spring sunshine proved irresistible so, together with Elin, I ran 10 fast kilometres along the Ume River. Afterwards, I stopped by at USM for some strength training, something which I guess will take more of a conscious effort as the days get longer and warmer. Still, just as with the running, I know that consistency is key if I want to see improvements so I will do my best to keep at least two gym sessions per week in my training schedule throughout the summer.

Otherwise, the big issue right now is the autumn semester and whether or not we will have classes on campus again. Apparently, there will be a meeting on the 8th of May with all the university vice-chancellors and after that we will hopefully know more. If the decision will be to keep everything online-only for the autumn, I fear I will have to spend much of the summer recording lectures and planning new online learning activities...



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