Friday, February 14, 2020

500 kilometres

I know you are all dying to hear how my New Year’s resolution to run 3,660 km in 2020 is coming along. As such, I am happy to inform that, by this morning, I have officially passed the 500 km mark which means that I am currently 46 km ahead of pace. As it was -10 degrees outside, I played it safe though and ran 10k on the treadmill instead, something I have not done since I was staying at the Pullman in Jakarta back in October. If nothing unexpected happens, I hope to keep running at least 70 km per week going forward, all the way up to Göteborgsvarvet.

The other day I learnt that there will be an Ultra Interval Challenge this spring as well, on 21 March to be exact. Given how much fun I had doing this challenge in the fall, I am thinking that I should do this instead of Tavelsjö Frozen Track which is on the day after (no, I will not do both!). Beyond the excitement of running 8 x 10 km over 24 hours and eating lots of pancakes, I will be able to save quite a bit on car rental etcetera by staying here and instead running lapses around the lake.



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