Thursday, February 13, 2020


With my new book chapter on rewilding coming out later this spring, I was thrilled when a book series editor in the UK contacted me about the possibility of writing something longer on this multifaceted topic.

This week, I am otherwise working on my paper for Vaasa on climate didactics, trying to make the most of my time before I receive another batch of 150 exams to mark. In the outside world, a new SAS commercial has sparked quite an uproar. Unlike most other people, I think the ad was great as it emphasized the dynamic and hybrid nature of “culture”. What I think people get wrong is that they understand the commercial as if it is saying that other people have essential “cultures” whereas we in Scandinavia only borrow things from other, but that is not at all how I see it. Instead, I think the message is rather that we should all go on exploring and be open to what is different, a message I could not agree more with.

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