Friday, October 18, 2019

Badwater humblebrag

Last night, I was watching a documentary about “Badwater 135” which is, yes, a 135 miles (or 217 km) footrace through three mountain ranges in the Californian desert. Featuring 4450 meters of cumulative ascent and daytime temperatures well above 40 degrees, it is marketed as the “most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet”.

With the start of the race in Death Valley, I was reminded of my own trip there back in 2005. Looking through old photos, I was struck by what difference the last few years of running have made in terms of my posture and generally well-being. While I sometimes, like this morning when running 10k through the cold forest mist with only my head torch to guide me, may briefly doubt why I am doing all of this, seeing what difference consistency has made, I definitely feel motivated to go on. As for Badwater 135, it is obviously a slippery slope. Right now it is so far beyond my ability, both physically and mentally, that it is not even on the radar but, hey, give it a few years ;-) First, however, I have to survive South Devon Ultra in February.



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