Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hasselback potatoes

After the rain, the forest proved irresistible so I just had to go for a final 10k run. However, with the big race in Amsterdam just five short days away, I really have to exercise some restraint, perhaps by anchoring myself to the sofa with a new book about the philosophy hero of my teenage years, Georg Henrik von Wright.

Beyond the book, I also received my invitation to the 2019 Breakthrough Dialogue today which has the highly Stewart Brandesque-theme of “Whole Earth Discipline”. I wonder how different my teenage years would have been if I had discovered Brand rather than von Wright? Yet, as long as someone else takes care of the real world (i.e. how it used to be before the Trumpocene), it is obviously quite convenient to remain “critical” and insist on that “progress is a myth” (especially while enjoying all the material benefits of said myth, like the hasselback potatoes I just made for dinner)...



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