Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Coastal California

Maybe it was the breathtaking views when driving up to Stinson Beach in 2010 that started it all. In any case, Russian River Valley last year sealed it and now every name along the Pacific Coast Highway tends to put a smile on my face. Tonight I ventured yet further north, all the way up to the Willamette River in Oregon for some Other People’s Pinot (or O.P.P. for short).

After four years in a row attending the Breakthrough Dialogue in Sausalito, I did not really expect another invitation but last night I received one. Still not sure whether I will actually go though, maybe it is finally time to spend Midsummer in Sweden rather than Marin County? But, as always, the programme is very tempting with everything from rewilding to “decoupling vs. degrowth”. The theme of this year’s Dialogue is “Rising tides” which feels particularly poignant given how conflicted our views of globalization have become. Regardless of the academic content, there is something with Cavallo Point itself that keeps pulling me back.

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