Saturday, February 24, 2018

Second breakfast

In a world where everything is “craft” or “bespoke”, I make a second breakfast worthy the most intemperate escapist with mint fruit salad and date granola. Outside, there is brilliant sunshine and -24 degrees with the forecast suggesting similarly cold weather as I head down to Skåne and then St Petersburg on Thursday. Hopefully, I will at least have better luck with my travelling than last time around.

With an upcoming evening in Copenhagen, I had reason to again reflect on how far the Danish social democrats have drifted, and how their cap on the number of people with “non-Western origin” reflects a race rhetoric based on “apocalyptic ideas” to borrow the words of the Danish author Anne Sofie Allarp. Terrifying as each new policy measure surely is, what is most frightening is the uncertainty of whether there is even an end to this slide into darkness? How much worse will it have to get until we finally turn around and have the courage to embrace a global modernity?

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