Thursday, March 08, 2018

Climate survey

As many social scientists, I have developed a somewhat compulsive relationship to surveys. Knowing how hard my students struggle to get a decent response rate, I always try my best to fill them out. Yesterday, I received a survey from the municipality of Umeå which was kind of fun, first of all as it forced me to put into black and white how much I spend on travelling (spoiler alert: it is a lot!) but also because it gave me a chance to vent my frustration over how much in Umeå is built around cars. At least I was also able to express my appreciation for the excellent bus network. After all, I am somewhat of a power user during the winter months with four to six rides every day (as seen above). Another question in the survey had to do with what I could personally do to reduce my carbon footprint. I gave the obvious ecomodernist answer: promote nuclear power! Oh, the joy of small things...

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