Friday, January 26, 2018

Frivolous Friday

After a week lecturing my way through the history of political ideas while reaching a whopping 42.195 metres on the treadmill since the 1st of January, today offered a rather different journey as I flew through the air and hit the ice with a surprising amount of force. Stranded in my red office chair afterwards, I had a bit of an analgesic booking bonanza, including tickets to Memphis for a friend as well as my wife’s annual Gregynog adventure. I know, I am weird, but booking flights can be such a perfect distraction sometimes.

Later in the day, as I was struggling with the revisions for my co-authored article on ecomodernist citizenship, a friend and former student turned up. Once he has wrapped up his studies here in Umeå, he is most likely heading down to Lund for his MA in the fall. I have to admit I felt a sting of envy when thinking about autumn leaves outside the old library, a Weißbier at Rauhrackel or, well, all the other things that make Lund into Lund.

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