Monday, January 01, 2018

Fresh start effect

To accommodate what behavioural economists call the “fresh start effect”, my gym is staying open until 11 pm tonight. For my own part, I decided to keep it relatively sane and went for a slow 8.3 km run (the same as around the lake) on the treadmill. Still, 2018 feels like a fresh start. I am a bit reminded of January 2014 and my last semester at HUFS, a time of closure but also new horizons opening up. Eddie was only 1.5 years old then and we were on a rooftop in the United Arab Emirates. Yesterday he asked me why I only have food on my blog and not photos of him so I thought this picture would be a fun flashback.



Blogger (Silvana/Thomas) said...

sweet boy. running on treadmill will not be my favorite as long as there are trails in the wood around. if I would live in the high north I would prefer ski or a dog sledge ;-)

10:48 pm  

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