Sunday, January 14, 2018

Spinning globe

Opening the coffee package featured in my previous post, I am back on the road outside Sebastopol, CA. Sensory experiences that quickly can get the globe spinning. It is sad that some people want the world to stop. Yesterday in Svenska Dagbladet, Ann Heberlein again attacked those who are dreaming of “open borders, unlimited freedom, floating identities and relative truths”. Guess that it is me she is thinking of.

What is sad is not only that some people think that ontological permanence and certainty is actually attainability but that they fail to recognize how counter-productive their proposed repressive measures would be. ISIS will not disappear by the spreading of islamophobia. No matter how small we try to make the world, the walls will eventually crack. Instead, the only realistic way forward calls for a broadening of our perspectives and the cultivation of our shared humanity.


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