Friday, June 22, 2007

Halušky midsummer

On midsummer's eve, my Viennese friend Markus and I decided to take the train to the Slovakian capital. It is a quick 7 euro ride with die Wiesel and a good way for me to slowly reduce my daily intake of Eastern Europe :-)

In Bratislava we had the Slovakian-Hungarian speciality of Halušky, in fact very similar to the local food from where I come in Sweden ("kroppkakor") but the Slovakian edition does not come in the shape of dumplings. We also went strolling through the old town, had coffee at a place called Hemingway's. All very postmodern.

This has to be short post since my internet minutes are running out but I would just like to wish you all a very happy midsummer! And take care, especially if you are going somewhere where the internet may not be as allgegenwärtig as in Britain.


Blogger Gabriel said...

Great to hear! Marvellous that the flag is carried on a few days more. Even before I read about Prague I can promise a special award for the strict adhearance to your "nulla dies sine linea" policy. I was also considering a bronze statue, but since the freakout incident, no can do...

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