Thursday, June 21, 2007


According to Lonely Planet Eastern Europe, the parties in Studentski grad never stop. I believe it to be true. Vague memories of Ukrainian punk rock mixed with consenso, smoke-filled apartments and too many Long Island Iced Tea. At 2 a.m. I freaked out.

Landing at Wien Schwechat on runway 11/29 felt like returning home. Ahead of me I now have two days in the Austrian capital. Tonight I plan to take some sushi with me out to Lainzer Tiergarten and start my new healthy life :-)



Blogger Natasja said...

Of course I know that you are interested in politics (othervise you're working in the totally wrong area) but it shows in a more obvious way in your writings here on Rawls & Me while traveling around Eastern Europe. What I think it shows, despite your basic interest, is that when traveling and seeing things for yourself, one get a more conscious way of thinking about the world. In this case it is about countries very close to us and their history, and yes, it is reality which one should never forget. It isn't ancient history. Being aware of what the world is outside if little Sweden is always important. As a diplomat I interviewed once said "Sweden is a tiny duck pond". That's dangerous.

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