Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eddie – the dog

Walking Hills Rd up it felt kind of surreal to be greeted by Lars and Eddie, his wonderful, oversized, half Australian Shepherd and half Christiania-mix-everything-breed dog. Just before we met I had written a post here on Rawls & Me. But for the second time in less than I month I felt deeply unsatisfied with the post so I decided to delete it.

This time, I was troubled because it felt like my words were directed to someone special when, in fact, my only intention was to reflect on certain life experiences of my own. In any case, I realised that the post was on the far side of that thin line between personal and private. So, deleted.

But Cambridge is pretty - as always.



Blogger Natasja said...

You unsatified?! What about me and everybody else that read that? Huh? ;-) Not nice to make people curious like that. Well, it made ME curious at least.

7:44 pm  

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