Friday, July 20, 2007


Having a cous-cous salad with mineral water at Caffè Nero. The departure monitor simply says “LH 4789 Cologne – Delayed” and nothing further. Green and black olives, chargrilled pepper and chickpeas which I actually have come to appreciate more and more in recent years.

Hours immersed by the bustling global stream of passengers.

And then. Thrust set to take-off, a female German captain taking us up in the sky, towards the west and the setting sun over Windsor castle. I like flying with female pilots, maybe because I believe that women in general drive so much better than men.

Today I once again had reason to reflect upon the blogosphere and if any justification at all can be found for web logs like Rawls & Me, flooded as they are with personal trivialities. Not only do I feel uneasy about the narcissistic undertones, I am also becoming increasingly aware of the discrepancies between Rasmus in reality and the image conveyed here. Beside the obvious, that the electronic Rasmus has far less “Macken” (as the Germans would say) than the real version, I think that most posts here have been written in distinct emotional modes, either euphoria or melancholy to put it simple and that all in between gets somewhat blurred.

Which makes it difficult for people I meet in the real world to relate to who I actually am.

Enough meta-reflection. Just passing over Brussels, tomorrow I will take the ICE to Utrecht and then The Hague. It feels good to have friends.

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