Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wien, 16. Bezirk.

All that is solid melts into air as Marx would have said. Over and over again. In such uncertain times there is undoubtely a comfort in returning: to get off the red S-train at Gersthof, to walk down through the wine yards from Kahlenberg or to have that portion of Spinatnockerln at 7sternbräu and to discover that it is just as formidable as you remembered it...

This time I also have my friend and co-blogger Gabriel with me. Together we flew into Vienna during the early morning hours and are now getting ready for the ultimate "apocalypsa balkanika": Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria - all in 7 days.

As for web logs, I will do my best to transmogrify my experiences during this trip into something intelligible, so stay tuned. But for those of you gazing even further to the East I regret to inform you that this trip will not be followed by 40 days in Asia as earlier announced. Thanks to the magic mysteries of award travel I was able to cancel my ticket free of charge. So instead I am now looking forward to a summer in Scandinavia and, hopefully, also in Germany.


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