Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The bare essentials

Today I bought a 32 litres backpack to carry around my laptop, some t-shirts and other essentials during my summer tour to Albania and ex-Yugoslavia. I know it is crazy, but after my trip to the US last autumn with 30 kilos of oversized luggage I have decided that this trip will be a real field excursion, nothing but an absolute minimum and a lot of Y3 washing powder.

Yesterday I made contact with Markus Bousska, my dear friend in Vienna so now Gabriel and I have a place to stay during the first night. Flight tickets have also been booked, all we have to figure out now is how to get from Tirana to Skopje via Lake Ohrid...

Yet, the Balkan trip is still two months down the road. But thanks to Anders I now have in my possession a pin from “Albturist”, the state tourism organization of the communist era, which fills me with anticipation.


Blogger Gabriel said...

Great... isn't it? Just two months of intense social networking, academic progress and what not :-) Then we're off. Last summer I carried a Canadian laundry bag, as well as the compulsory backpack.

9:55 pm  
Blogger Natasja said...

A Canadian laundry bag?! :-) *trying to imagine what that looks like*

12:13 am  

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