Thursday, November 23, 2006


Late autumn means time to write a new application to STINT (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education). Following my visit to Rutgers earlier this month, I am now firmly committed to spending the spring semester of 2008 at their department of political science with Stephen Eric Bronner as my supervisor.

Since my application was turned down last year, I find myself warranted to break my vow of silence (which I have not been good at keeping anyway) and publish a draft of the application here on Rawls & Me. So, all suggestions on how I can improve this year’s application are more than appreciated!

(the picture was taken the day after Nilla and I visited Rutgers, the beach is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area showing NYC in the background)



Blogger Natasja said...

As a far less experienced at writing these things, I looks really good and if it isn't, I can't see it :-) I agree, Christer Jönsson is a good person to mention sometimes...helpful. Hm...valuable ideas about teaching, I think that there is at least one person that you should teach something about teaching already now... Btw, about environmental sustainability, did you see Margot Wallström today about smart growth?

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