Wednesday, May 06, 2020


This morning, I thought it would be good for Eddie to practice biking to his school in Innertavle as he is quickly outgrowning the German trailer. Running next to him, we covered the first few kilometres together before I set off on a morning run alone along my beloved dirt roads for a total of 16 km. However, as it takes a certain kind of madness to be an ultra-runner, I decided to run the same course in reverse when picking him up in the afternoon.

Once back home, the dream of one day running really far beckons. In fact, I recently discovered that the island Öland is more or less a 100 miles from end to end. With each end being marked by a majestic white lighthouse, the thought of an epic lighthouse-to-lighthouse run immediately caught my imagination even as I realize that it is far beyond my present ability. However, with no Angel Island races for the foreseeable future, I think more and more people are going to be attracted to these kinds of monumental challenges or the setting of different FKTs (Fastest Known Times).



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