Saturday, January 25, 2020


Last weekend, I had planned to finally run down to the Baltic but a cold held me back. Early this morning, I at last made it all the way to the port in Holmsund in what turned into a 30 km long run with a nice vertical climb of 372 meters. With South Devon Ultra exactly a week from today, it was perhaps a bit on the far end but, inspired by some people on Strava who seem to casually run 50-70 km every other day, I thought that it could be worth a try. Besides, it gave me a chance to test the new Maurten “Caf 100” gel that I plan to use when racing next weekend.

Rendezvousing with the Baltic right where the ferry leaves for Vaasa in Finland, I realized that I had forgotten to share the news that my new article on climate didactics has been accepted for presentation at the "Nordic Conference in Social Studies Didactics" which will take place in late-March in, you guessed it, Vaasa. Though I have been to Helsinki and Åbo a few times in the past, this will be my first visit to Österbotten and I am very much looking forward to finally checking out what is on the other side of the Gulf of Bothnia.

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