Sunday, October 20, 2019

Stand up for nuclear

While I jet off to Bali, my sister, who is six years younger and clearly the better iteration, will join thousands of others around the world in standing up for nuclear. In Stockholm, the demonstration starts at 11 am at Mynttorget and is organized by “Nuclear Pride Coalition” and a number of other organizations, including Women in Nuclear Sweden. Yesterday, some of the organizers, including Hans Blix, wrote an op-ed in Svenska Dagbladet that summarizes some key points in a Swedish context.

After long deliberation, France just announced plans to build six new large reactors. While barely sufficient to keep their low-carbon grid intact as other plants are coming up for retirement, it is still a hopeful sign that the tide is finally turning. Also in the Netherlands, more and more people are becoming wary of following Germany’s path of long-term fossil dependence.



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