Sunday, October 20, 2019

Organic dreams

Shortly after 1 pm, Folke Viking departed Umeå Airport and set course towards Stockholm. As always, the last hours before leaving had been a mad rush of cleaning, cooking and packing but I still tried to follow Seth James DeMoor as he ran along the canals of Amsterdam. For the first 21k, Seth was going really strong, running at a 3:10 min/km pace that would put him well within the Olympic qualifying window. But around the 30 km mark, something happened and by 40 km, he had slowed down to a 4:47 min/km pace (which, funny enough, is just a bit quicker than my goal pace for Beirut). Finishing in 2 hours and 23 minutes, Seth was merely four minutes too slow for his Olympic Trials qualification which I guess feels like a real bummer, especially considering the mad amounts of training he has put in over the last months. Anyhow, it again shows what a challenge the marathon distance is and how easy it is to go out too hard or not take in enough fuel (as I failed to do when I ran Amsterdam last year).

As for fuel, Mikkeller just released a great new SAS-only lager called “Organic dreams” which I had a chance to sample on the flight down to Arlanda. Now I have about twenty minutes until check-in with Turkish Airlines opens and I can print that Jakarta boarding pass.

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