Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Flat white

Early morning in North Sweden as I browse a just released copy of "Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-porn Addicts" by Leigh Phillips. As often it is more difficult with friends than with enemies, one is much less certain of the terrain and how the argument ultimately plays out.

At some level I am afraid that books like these, however welcome they may be, will just add more fuel to the ongoing cultural war. The same is of course true for some of the things I have written or said (for instance at WPSA in April this year). Maybe a more fruitful approach would be to try to unite progressives around seemingly other questions, such as the moral necessity of open borders, and then, indirectly, make a global welfare state, and with it a high-energy planet, inevitable.

Soon time to bike up to UPL for another course day, this time on supervision in higher education. November promises to be a month of extremes with only a short break scheduled as I head back to Kalmar with Eddie 11-15 November.



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