Friday, July 24, 2015

Sandy fields

After five months between homes, we at last moved into our new apartment at Sandåkersgatan 10 yesterday. The house is everything that Reinfeldt’s Sweden was about and as such it is obviously a bit scary. Fortunately, there are some punk rockers living just across the dual carriageway who have a skeleton on a cart in their garden and a permanently parked tour bus.

Keeping some of our landlord’s furniture, it now feels like we are experiencing home staging from the inside. In the long run, living like this without great literature (I put up another 120 kg of books at work today!) and furniture without history would probably be intolerable but for now, it is actually blissful to not have to worry about heavy books falling over the kids or items full of nostalgia being covered in bolognese.

As always, please feel free to come and visit!


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