Monday, September 07, 2015

(Almost) a decade of dreams

It was with a bit of excitement that I began preparing for the ten years anniversary of Rawls & Me. Somewhere halfway through I realized that only nine years had in fact passed since that warm autumn in Lund when I was cycling home, listening to Edith Söderström, and planning that trip to the Southwest.

Nevertheless, these are nine years of global adventures that are definitely worth remembering in their own right. From sunsets above the Casbah alleyways of Tangier to sunrises at the Pacific coast near Whitianga on the North Island. From the Armenian Highlands to evening flights back from Japan with United 881. Or from careless swims at the Kennedy Space Centre to nightly walks through Paris.

Meanwhile in the real world, William is on the move, Eddie asks for pancakes and life seems set to continue until the full decade has indeed passed.


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