Saturday, May 02, 2015


As the taxi pulled out from the Oberoi, a flash lit up the sky and the rain started pouring down. It reminded me of so many heat thunderstorms in Beijing, how the heavens just could not hold it any longer. I felt much the same after my three days in India.

In the end I got a little less than three hours of sleep and now I am about to board my flight to Istanbul any minute. When I finally got online last night I learned a lot of good news. My good friend Gabriel has just secured a job abroad and will thus be able to do a grand retour in the fall. I hope to be able to swing by Warsaw to see him. Meanwhile Asian Politics & Policy has published the media review that my former student Hee-Yoon and I have been writing on Korea and climate change discourses. To those with institutional access to the journal it should be available here (otherwise, if you are interested, just drop me an e-mail and I am happy to send it):


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