Monday, April 06, 2015

Silver Ridge

A small bottle of cheap Californian chardonnay for $7.99 as night falls aboard United 928. At 33 000 feet we are riding the smooth but firm jet stream towards the black Atlantic. Just before we departed O’Hare, a British Airways 747 also took off for London Heathrow. That plane is probably only a couple of minutes ahead of us on the same great circle track.

Back at O’Hare the gate agent felt sorry for my 186 centimetres and upgraded me to Economy Plus, meaning that I should probably try to sleep a bit rather than writing another aviation-nerdy blog post. However, I guess it will take a while though until I have time to write here again. The work backlog is almost astronomical but I am sure all will be fine in the end. A moment ago, channel 9 informed me that we are now in the safe hands of Nav Canada. So, “United 928 heavy, good night”.



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