Sunday, April 07, 2013

Changing travel plans

A lot more thinking later and we decided to indeed change our travel plans. Now, Anna and Eddie will head up to Kiruna while I return alone to Korea. Given the situation with North Korea, but also our own private circumstances with problems of finding adequate daycare for Eddie and a good working environment for Anna, this feels like the right decision. Later in April, I will fly over to Europe to join them for some days after which we will decide whether or not we are all going back to Korea for the remainder of the semester.

So, for the first time since he was born in July last year, I will spend a night away from Eddie, something that I think will feel very strange. At the same time, I will try not to think too much about it but rather focus all my energy on my long list of research papers to be written and then count down the days until I board my Turkish Airlines flight in the evening of the 16th April.


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