Monday, March 04, 2013

Seoul (International Marathon)

Although I have been living in Seoul for almost two years now, I realized that I have written almost nothing about the city here on Rawls & Me. Like Korea in general, I guess part of this has to do with the very normality of the city. Despite being one of the largest cities in the world with a metropolitan area of more 25 million people, everyday life in our little bubble up here in Imundong feels more like a small college town with its local cafés, pseudo-Italian bistros and students everywhere. Were it not for the occasional train bringing oil up to the front, the heavy military helicopters circling above from time to time or for all the students dressed in uniform, one would even be excused for forgetting that we are less than 100 km away from the most militarized zone on the planet.

As for the wider city, I hope to be able give a full account in two weeks when I plan to run Seoul International Marathon with Sofi who is coming over from Sweden. Or, should I say, I planned to run that marathon. Suffering from severe sleep deprivation and general baby apocalypse, I think I should be happy if I manage to finish half of those 42 kilometres… But of course, I will give it a shot and I promise to keep you posted about the result.



Blogger beastlyvirtues said...

Good on ya! A marathon, I look forward to reading about your experience... :)

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