Thursday, January 24, 2013

Conrad Koh Samui

Five years later and I drift back in time to those days in late January 2013. Eddie was not even half a year old but right in the middle of a global whirlwind that would come to define his first two years in life. After a week at the Andaman Sea we flew across the Malay Peninsula in an ATR 72 and arrived at a place that always will stay with me. I completely accept all objections, that chained-brand hotels are not for real travellers etcetera, but Conrad Koh Samui belongs to a serene outworldly realm that makes it worthy of a retroactive blogpost.

At night, the turquoise water was all black with only the scattered lights of a few passing cruise ships at the horizon. Standing high above, I felt like fully disappearing into the ocean, with nothing but the warm winds of the Gulf reminding me that I was not at Kullaberg. Next morning, the skies had cleared and I was back with my rational self. In the end, we stayed for three nights. Following all the devaluations to the Hilton programme, I will most likely never return.



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