Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Ocean and Me

After landing in Melbourne I fell into a deep dreamless sleep. With a short interruption for some Singapore style stir-fried rice and an evening walk through St Kilda, I slept all into the bright blue Sunday morning. Awake and refreshed I then picked up a white Toyota Aurion at Avis; it was time for the compulsory IKEA-expedition! Since Ireland last autumn I have felt a bit more confident about driving on the left, but of course, the day was not without its occasional exciting moments.

Having returned with a bed, a lamp, a red rug and some large wine glasses, I decided to truly take the day off and drive south to explore the Mornington peninsula. There I was greeted by green hinterlands, vineyards and dramatic beaches as I made it down to the ocean coast and its national parks. Breathtaking to just stand in the wind and imagine the distant icy shores of Antarctica.


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