Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paper train

After a night in a cramped student room in Uppsala where my sister and her boyfriend (the math wizard turned investment banker) share a loft bed and I officially reside, I am travelling through the autumn mist aboard a grey double-decker. There seems to be something magic with this train type, every time I board one of them I seem to get a paper accepted, this time it is the article “Individual guilt or collective progressive action? – Challenging the strategic potential of environmental citizenship theory” which has now been accepted for presentation at the International Studies Association 50th Annual Convention in New York, 15-18 February 2009.

Good news! This is the third time I submit something to ISA and the first time I actually get accepted. Will try to secure funding before leaving for Australia.

Reading through the morning news in Svenska Dagbladet, I am happy to find Christian Azar, professor at Chalmers University of Technology, arguing along similar lines as I do in the paper. The sustainable transition cannot be turned into a test of individual moral fibre.



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