Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Approaching CPH

A cup of tea to conclude this day of political activism as SK413 makes its way towards the southwest and Copenhagen. This will be my last hop in the air before the giant leap begins on Thursday in two weeks.

The demonstration today was both uplifting and disappointing. Uplifting since it saw the most remarkable constellation of speakers, ranging from the zealous neo-liberal Johan Norberg to the outstanding orator of the left party, Alice Åström. This unity, especially in combination with the strong opposition expressed by different interest groups (be it journalists, priests or lawyers), should sound alarm to anyone even remotely sensitive to public opinion. Yet, today was also disappointing since it showed that such public frustration does not necessarily translate into political mobilization. In all, the demonstration managed to gather maybe 300-400 people, far less than during those tense summer days in June when Lex Orwell was originally passed.

Landing in ten minutes, time to shut down my laptop. I am afraid that the next days will see more work than weblogging but, wise from earlier declarations, I will leave that open :-)

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