Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brooklyn Lager

A dark bottle of all-malt lager at Brogatan in Malmö, liquid memories of spring in America and a bit of confusion as to why it is sold as an Oktoberfest special. But all right, it is the proper season and Germany is always good for my soul.

Parting with friends, tomorrow also with sister in Uppsala, almost like a child crossing off days on a wall calendar, nine days and counting until the great departure. Tove gave me Zelmani’s new album “The Ocean and Me”, will listen more during those interminable hours in the air.

For the most part, the last week has been one of teaching and the construction of new tests, hand-in exams and seminar tasks for my students. In the background: revealing stories about the political perversities of Lex Orwell in Fokus, a worsening economic meltdown in the US and, to add to the miserabilism, September 23 was indeed “Earth Overshoot Day”, at least for those who subscribe to the static worldview of those calculations.

Turning up the Doors, time to catch bus 131 in less than seven hours, Skåne is slowly fading away.

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