Friday, September 05, 2008

Carbon neutral

The latest issue of the Swedish travel magazine Vagabond comes with a special on aviation and carbon offsetting services. In their review, the company which I personally have used to offset all carbon emissions from my flights over the last years, UK-based Carbon Neutral, comes out rather okay, despite that they are fairly inexpensive compared to the test winner, German Atmosfair.

Though the article feels a bit like yesterday’s news, it is good to see that the debate has matured somewhat over the last year. People seem to recognize that, though never a long-term solution to the problem with greenhouse gas emissions, neutralization is a temporary “second best”. And as often, ethics is not so much about doing things that are either all good or all bad but rather about muddling through those small decisions of everyday life.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is not the second best option to rise the overall price on flights (and thereby lowering the demand and total flight mileages), and not by voluntary carbon offsetting? Since carbon offsetting services in theory (at best) produces zero-sum carbon emissions, it does not help to reduce the current levels of GHGs. On the contrary, as it alleviate the guilt of using aviation as a mean of transportation and thereby may actually lead to an increase of demand from environmental aware consumers. That’s my point of view anyway...

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