Saturday, October 07, 2006

Into the rain

Left Lund early yesterday morning. For two days I would be on an unusual mission: a non-revenue transfer on behalf of a car rental company from Helsingborg to Stockholm-Arlanda and then back with another free car to Malmö. After a week of intensive teaching, article writing and blogging this was a great opportunity to clear my mind and do something different. Especially as my sister wanted to get up to Stockholm and a friend wanted to get his stuff down here.

Remember Nunberg: liberalism means Volvo-driving these days

Picked up sister in Båstad, after that continuous rain

Sushi-eating and aircraft spotting at ARN

Further down the road, 1400 km in total...

Home and time to return the second car



Blogger Gabriel said...

As we say in Swedish: Tack än en gång!

Well, the Volvo thing applies more to North America... But all this volvo-latte-IHT fetischism... Makes one think, and wonder....

A few maybe related links:

(From, in Swedish but follow the links for English) Now people hack their lattes.

And so about consuming drinks for identity, this from Good Old Trend

3:43 pm  
Blogger Rasmus Karlsson said...

I must admit that I have doubts about the airmiles/avocado/latte-fetish myself. Is it at all possible to be "left" if you harbour such views and tastes? On the other hand, even the contemporary political correct left in Sweden (or, what we locally refer to as "Möllevångsvänstern") has a certain credibility problem when they fly to Seattle with SK to demonstrate against globalization.

4:50 pm  

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