Saturday, December 08, 2018

Surprise returns

With the grace of the WTO, the Argentinian malbec of the mirror universe made a surprise return as a #småparti this month. Small as the world may be, there are still unknown geographies and Luján de Cuyo in the upper Mendoza valley where the wine is from definitely counts as one. Looking at a map, I was surprised by how close it actually is from the border and Santiago de Chile.

To celebrate our legal victory and the fact that SAS is having a kids-fly-for-free campaign, we booked a weekend trip to London and Paris in February, featuring a pre-Brexit ride with the Eurostar, something that Eddie is very much looking forward to. With BISA at the Royal Society in mid-June, this also means that I will be in London both a few months before and after the ominous date of 29 March.

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