Sunday, December 02, 2018


As I pour up the last coffee from Bogotá in my newly acquired Höganäs espresso cup, it is the second day of December and probably the last mild day for quite some time. Yesterday, I went for a half marathon in the morning and I plan to go for another run this afternoon before the mud freezes and winter returns.

For the rest of the road to Marrakech, I have invested in a pair of Finish running shoes with carbide steel studs as my left knee keeps reminding me that running longer distances on the treadmill at USM is not a very good idea. As can be seen above, I concluded my shopping spree by also buying a big bag of Lavazza beans even as I fear that it will not be up to the standards of Arte y Pasion Café.

With regard to the real world, I was stunned to find that in a recent poll, a 52% to 48% majority now prefers a “no deal” to remaining in the EU. I mean, at the individual level, self-harm behaviour is nothing new but as a country? Though the human price will be high, not the least for those depending on medicine supplies from the continent, maybe a hard Brexit will once and for all bring some perspective to degrowthers who seek to end global trade and commerce?

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