Sunday, December 16, 2018


Overnight, more snow fell over Tomtebo. For some reason it reminded me of the final winter scenes in “Call me by your name”. Even in the Northern provinces, Italian winters are somehow more suitable for humans than Swedish ones. Further south, I actually prefer winters to summers in Italy; some of my best vacation memories are from Campania in December and January.

As the sun was beginning to set, I went for my weekly half marathon. With all the powder snow, I had to take it slow and be careful where I put my feet. For the 42 days that remain until my next big race, I hope to be able to keep running 40 km per week with 80% of the time in the “endurance” pace zone.

Meanwhile, down in Katowice there was a new climate agreement which I am afraid will do very little to prevent the world from becoming 3-4 degrees warmer by the end of this century. In the long run, I remain an optimist that when things become sufficiently serious, the world will act through some combination of solar radiation management and nuclear energy. It is just sad that we have to wreck the biosphere before we realize what have been obvious for more than a decade already.

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