Sunday, November 11, 2018

Reactionary indifference

Tonight I completed the Petzl 42 km night running challenge. Thanks to the autumn high pressure, the temperature remains fairly stable around five degrees both day and night so the conditions could not have been better.

Otherwise, I am trying to catch up with work after being away in South America while once again feeling grateful for not having any social media presence, this time in the wake of Jordan B Peterson’s visit to Sweden. Considering how far we have come over the last couple of centuries, it is really sad to see that people are again turning to hierarchal thinking and essentialism instead of deepening universalism and emancipation. While the contemporary Left may have its fair share of problems (reaching from its anti-nuclear irrationalism to its mixing of far-reaching social constructivist ontologies with notions of primordially existing “indigenous peoples”), the answer is not reactionary indifference to the suffering of others or a fascist rejection of reflexivity.

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