Monday, November 05, 2018


Since I wrote a short review of the outbound Avianca flight, it is only fair that I say a word or two about our return flight with Swiss. When booking this trip back in April, I could not really believe my eyes when two seats suddenly appeared on the 777-300ER flight from Miami to Zürich, featuring Swiss latest cabin. While availability is known to be relatively good for their own Senator members, Swiss is quite stingy when it comes to making premium cabin inventory available to other Star Alliance partners and, obviously, Miami is a very popular destination this time of the year, so all considered I felt very lucky.

Without any doubt, Swiss is one of the world’s most civilized airlines. The overall quality in terms of finishes is simply unmatched and the new cabin feels very warm and welcoming. In line with their “A taste of Switzerland” concept, the food was inspired by the cuisine of one Swiss canton at the time. For our flight it was Nidwalden, located in the geographical centre of Switzerland. Unfortunately, shortly after departing Miami, we passed through an area with some thunderstorms so the cabin service had to be suspended for over an hour, meaning that once it was finally dinner time, I decided to just have a quick meal and then go back to sleep. And sleep I certainly did, in fact all the way until it was time to eat breakfast above Paris.



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