Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Two Oceans

It may be the Fourth of July but, inspired by all the running success this morning, my imagination drifted away to Cape Town and the 56 km ultramarathon “Two Oceans”. While 2019 may still be too early, it would be a highly aspirational goal for 2020, especially if I could find someone to run it with.

To help with the dreaming, I picked up a bottle of Spier Signature from the Western Cape for 79 SEK which, even if it is not a #småparti, is still a relatively new find at Systembolaget. Otherwise for dinner, I made some vegan chickpea burgers with peanuts, chipotle and cumin.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the German NGO “Agora Energiewende” is pushing France to close down its fleet of zero carbon nuclear reactors in an effort to make renewable energy more competitive in Europe. With the German energy transition stalling at home, it is not surprising that they want to expand the scope of the experiment in order to obfuscate how little fossil energy that renewables have actually displaced. In fact, rather than treating solar and wind as energy sources of their own, it seems more appropriate to think of them as fuel saving technologies for natural gas plants.

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